TNT. We're dynamite

Weighted companion cube.

The group coming is hired to escort a man and a package to the deep south for a cool one million credits. The package must be delivered quickly and if it is opened the payment is rendered null and void.

The group departs southernly after a brief stint of shopping, they meet up with Malken who has the package in question. The party is also assigned a new member Ahchmed Abul-Muhamed Johnson as a spiritual advisor. The group find little resistance heading out of Michigan and begins heading into the magic zone. Sabrina keeps the group on track in their Mountaineer ATV. A few hours into the magic zone night begins to descend and the group decides to drive on through the night, this proves to be a poor decision.

The Mountaineer is attacked and almost nearly destroyed by a Dark Behemoth. Once the beast is slain, and it’s jaws pried off of the Mountaineer, the group decides to press on in the wounded vehicle.


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