TNT's very own face eating pet Jaguar/Tiger. *growls*


Tall with lean corded muscles, long black wavy hair, bi-colored eyes. (One brown, one green. mark of the pan-were) Normally dressed in ribbed tank tops ranging in various colors and cargo pants with combat boots.


Sabrina grew up in the city of Jaguars in the area once known as Brazil. She grew up happy and peacefully in a family that was well respected throughout the Jaguar community. When she turned 16 one of her eyes change from brown to green. A myth only told by the tribe elders was that children with two different colored eyes were abominations of nature and should be killed. So her parents smuggled her out of the city and gave her enough food to last her for a bit. She was on her own for the next 9 years until she ran into a unruly group of people claiming to work for a company called TNT. Now she travels with them, earning her keep and keeping everyone fed and entertained.


TNT. We're dynamite DarkerThanNoir