House Rules

Natural Twenty: This is the result of 20 when rolling a twenty-sided die. A strike with a natural twenty will always be a critical strike. If someone with a strike bonus of +2 rolls an 18, then they have an attack roll of 18 plus unnatural, bonus modification; NOT a natural twenty, and is not a critical strike. A natural twenty beats all other rolls and can only be parried or dodged by another natural twenty.

Critical Strike: A Critical Strike does double damage dice. For instance 1d6 would become 2d6. If the damage has an addition after the die, that addition is not multiplied. 1d6+2 on a critical would be 2d6+2.

Falling in MDC armor Damage: Inflict 1D6 Hit Point/S.D.C. damage for every 20 feet (6m) one falls or is knocked back. And figure 1D6 points of damage for every 20 M.D. in an explosion. Round down. If the fall/knockback is 100 feet (30.5 m) or more, there is a 01-65% chance of being temporarily knocked out for 1D6 melee rounds (double if the damage or distance is significantly greater).

Dodging once out of actions: each dodge this melee round uses up one of the character’s attacks from the next round. For example: Let’s say the defender has 4 attacks per melee round and his opponent has six. In the first combat round, the defender uses up his attacks, but his opponent still has two left. The smart thing to do (if circumstances allow) is to parry the attack because a parry does not use up a melee attack or action. However, one can not parry bullets or energy blasts, so a character may be forced to dodge. In this example, the defender can dodge the attack but each “extra” dodge uses up one of his attacks next round. Next melee round, his opponent starts again with six melee attacks, while the defender now only has TWO!

Dodging energy blasts and gun fire: The Typical Character can try to dodge an arrow, bullet, or energy bolt, but must roll an unmodified dodge. That’s right, NO bonuses of any kind and -10 to dodge! -12 to dodge a rail gun “burst.” Rifts® Traditional Samurai: -2 to dodge arrows, -4 to dodge gunfire or energy blasts. Rifts® Mystic Ninja: -3 to dodge arrows, -6 to dodge gunfire or energy blasts. Note: according to the revised rules a character that is not “superhuman” cannot dodge energy blasts or bullets. I have changed this to include all player characters as this is how we have been doing it and I find the alternative too harsh.

Firing a gun: P.P. attribute bonusesand Hand to Hand combat bonuses do NOT apply to modern weapons. Aimed shot, fires a single bullet at a +3 bonus. A burst fires at a +1 bonus. Wild fire has no bonus. Pulse weapons are burst -weapons and the burst rule applies even to “aimed pulse” blasts (really three simultaneous energy blasts; i.e.,burst: +1 to strike).

Reloading: Most conventional and energy automatic weapons require little time to reload. The process is a simple matter of retrieving a new, loaded ammo clip from its storage belt or compartment, removing the empty clip and slapping in the new, loaded clip. Except for extenuating combat conditions, the reloading takes a few seconds and counts as ONE melee attack or melee action. Manually reloading grenade launchers, shotguns, bolt-action rifles, revolvers and similar weapons requires more time because, typically, the spent cartridges must be removed and each new round must be loaded, by hand, one at a time. Even so, a revolver can be reloaded in about six to eight seconds and counts as two melee actions if the character has a W.P. in the weapon being loaded. Characters without a W.P. will need a full melee round or four melee attacks (whichever is shorter) to manually reload. Revolvers can be loaded in the time of one melee attack/action when a speed loader is used. Cost of the speed loader is 100 credits. The speed loader must be hand loaded in advance.

Parrying Energy Blasts: First, to even consider a parry, the character must have a suitable weapon or shield to block the attack. Must be an M.D.C. item (Psi-Sword and Psi-Shield work great) to block the attack with. If the parry is successful, that item is struck and takes the brunt of the damage. If it is destroyed by the blast, any damage above the M.D.C. of the item goes to the character using it to block/parry the blast. Explosives can not be parried and do full damage. Second, NO attribute or skill bonuses to parry apply against modern weapons! Only an unmodified die roll counts! There are a few rare exceptions like the Juicer, and Samurai and Ninja of Japan and a couple others where their O.C.C./R.C.C. gives them the ability and a possible bonus to dodge bullets and energy blasts. Third, the character is -10 to parry at close range (within 400feet/122 m) of the shooter, and -12 to parry from long-range attacks when the shooter is more than 500 feet (152 m) away. In this case, the character is not likely to see the attack coming until it hits.

Guns and Ammo: manufacturers of laser weapons actually build in cool sound generators for enhanced (psychological) effect and bigger sales. Marketing research by Wilk’s and Northern Gun have shown that energy weapons that make sounds sell better by 20-33% (a substantial difference). In most cases, weapons with sound generators, particularly all sniper laser rifles, have an “on and off switch for the sound.

Cost of standard Mini-E-Clip: Typically used for tools and derringers (especially by Wilk’s). 2000 credits for a new, fully charged mini-clip. Takes about 1D4+4 minutes to recharge.

Cost of standard E-Clip (20 shots): 5,000-7,000 credits for a new, fully charged clip; 1500 credits to recharge. Takes about 1D6+10 minutes to recharge

Cost of a Long E-Clip (30 shots): 9,000-12,000 credits for a new, fully charged clip; 2000 credits to recharge. Takes about 2D4+15 minutes to recharge.

Cost of a CS Weapon Canister (or E-Canister): 10-30 shots depending on weapon type. Typically suitable only for old style CS weapons and knock-offs: 10,000 to 15,000 credits; 2000 credits to recharge. Takes about 3D6+30 minutes to recharge.

Cost of a CS Mini-Power Pack: A CS hip or backpack canister (new CS weapons): Approximately 60 shots, but is likely to require modification of the weapon in order to use it, at a cost of 5,000 cr. The canister costs 20,000-30,000 credits and 4,000 to recharge. Takes about 3D6+60 minutes to recharge.

Northern Gun (NG) Self-Charging Power Packs. These items are relatively small battery packs that can be worn on the hip or back depending on the size. A cable runs from the pack to what looks like a standard E-Clip. The E-Clip end snaps into the weapon like a normal clip, but provides additional power from the pack. Designed to power heavy ion, plasma and particle beam weapons that require a lot of energy. Pay load: Typically provides six or seven times the capacity of a standard E-Clip before being drained. ALL NG power packs regenerate four energy blasts per hour until fully recharged. Each can regenerate a full payload six times before needing a factory recharge and overhaul (won’t work without it). The recharging and overhauling of the unit takes one day and costs one-third the original price and can be overhauled four times before a replacement is needed

House Rules

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