Notable Groups

Various powers and factions in the world of rifts, and my campaign.

The coalition states: are the biggest stronghold of humanity. They are also human supremacist fascists, The average coalition citizen is kept illiterate but generally happy. The coalition’s corruption comes from the Prosek family that rules it with an MDC iron fist. The coalition has a absolute no tolerance policy concerning the use of magic and the supernatural. The Prosek family uses propaganda to help raise its populace to fear and distrust anything inhuman. That being said the coalition is also one of the largest powers keeping humanity on the globe.

Lazlo, New Lazlo: these cities are metropolitan in that they have the largest swath of the public including men of magic, creatures, and other things. All are welcome as long as they behave themselves. Punishments tend to fit the crime and with the constant traffic of mercenaries and adventures passing through these places are surprisingly safe.

Xiticix aliens: Strange bug like creatures that came from a rift in the old kingdom of Canada. They have so far refused communication with anyone. These aliens are fiercely territorial and consider all outsiders threats that they meet with violence.

Atlantis: Island nation in the Atlantic ocean ruled by aliens, and home to many kinds of d-bees and monsters.

Notable Groups

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